Cowboy Junkies

Cowboy Junkies

Some years ago I had a case involving the reclaiming of coal from slag heaps in Wales.  It turns out that the miners in the good old days threw away a fair bit of coal along with the slag, which more modern technology can now happily separate out. Seeing that on a site view was slightly interesting.  What was more interesting was to see how fast and how thoroughly the old industrial wastelands had returned to beauty – grass, streams, trees and voluptuous landscape curves everywhere.

Normality returns with breathtaking speed.

I have been listening to old Cowboy Junkies music, playing more Bach on the guitar and working on a book I originally sketched out a while ago on extra contractual recoveries. It will be my last law book, I think: after that I will finish my novel about kingship in the post-industrial world.

When I am in court (won my most recent case, by the way) I often have to wear tabs, bar jacket, gown etc. But I am happiest these days in an old pair of moleskins.

There is very good broken orange pekoe to be had from the T-bar in Adelaide.

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