Grumpy and Happy

A recently popular gag goes like this:

I’m not a very good driver. I crashed out into another car at the lights the other day.  Driver got out – he was dwarf.  He looked at the damage to his car and then came over. “I’m not happy” he said.  “Which one are you, then?” I asked him.

San Jose TennisThe real Grumpy – Andy Murray – is not a dwarf at all, and seems to be as happy as a Scotsman ever gets, having just won Wimbledon. He is well-known Anglophobe, so why he should have wanted so much to win The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club championship is a bit of a mystery. He is not a good looking lad – when he throws his head back and shows his fangs he looks like nothing so much as a puff adder getting ready to strike – so it is nice to see a bit of comfort coming his way.

The Brits have been doing unusually well at sport recently, the Lions having just won their series against Australia. Note to my American readers here: this is about rugby. British teams normally play separately as England, Scotland and Wales. Rugby treats Ireland in a rather unusual way; despite the fact that Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland are politically quite separate, the whole of Ireland plays together.  Sometimes the whole of the British Isles get together and play as The Barbarians (when playing at home) or The Lions (when touring). This time there was a preponderance of Welsh players, who were very impressive. They are run by a New Zealander. The rugby world likes things to be a bit complicated.

siddle2The cricket might not have got off to such a good start.  Peter Siddle, who is another one with a face that only a mother could love, seems to have ripping through the English batting order on the opening day of The Ashes.  Still.  An Ashes tour is one of those things that goes on and on. Anything can happen over time.

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