Coffee Wars

WP_20130526_001My old coffee machine gave up the ghost.  Instead of delivering the coffee through the basket effort (good) it was splurping round the top, such that the coffee was like dishwater with amputated flies legs floating in it (bad). So we got a new one on Friday.

Friday was a draw. After its initial capture late morning, it put up a very determined fight, refusing to work at all.  But after I had primed it, adjusted the water filter and blown up its nose, it started producing some very passable coffee.  Then, after dinner, it produced just one cup of coffee before falsely declaring that its dregs drawer was full, and refusing all attempts at a reset.

WP_20130526_002Yesterday, I got up early for a dawn raid.  Ha! Caught it napping!  After a nifty surprise attack in the area of the brew unit, I tricked it into working again, and since then it has been pretty docile.  And producing such nice coffee that I sat down and did the Times Crossword Puzzle. And the Quick Crossword.  And both Sudokus.

It was sort of Triumph, with the coffee machine been displayed as a captive on the streets of Rome.  And a small voice in my ear was saying, “Remember the transient nature of all things: this coffee machine might revolt at any moment”.



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