sacred cowA number of sacred cows have been rounded up in recent years.

Climate change is an obvious example. It used to be the case that the crowd thought one a bit nutty to be sceptical about the warmist agenda, but it now mainstream for intelligent people, and even a few governments, to doubt that we all heading helter-skelter for a fiery hell because of the increased amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  And course now we have passed the 400 ppm threshold without ill effect, the idea of beggaring ourselves for no good reason is more or less dead on its feet.  More interesting is that the new evidence is that there is more vegetation in the world these days, and in particular the rainforests are growing, because of course carbon dioxide is very good for plants.

Then human genetics.  Not many years ago at all it was the universally accepted view that all people in the world had a identical genetic make-up. A result of the mapping of the human genome and the analysis of Neanderthal remains has meant that it is now fully accepted in scientific circles that Caucasians interbred with Neanderthals and Africans did not – hence a 4% genetic difference in origin.  Did that news cause race riots or a further round of Nazism?  No. It’s cool.  We can get on with life.  The Africans are still usually better at running and rhythm and the Caucasians are still better at computers and chess.  Not always; it’s a Gaussian thing.

Likewise the difference in IQ between men and women.  It used to be an absolute shibboleth that women were just as bright as men, and that the only reason that there are more men at the top of various trees is sexual discrimination.  The science is now in and we know better.  The evidence is that IQ distribution is Gaussian, with the median male IQ an insignificant point or so higher than women.  Much more important is that the male bell curve is fatter, such that there are rather more very bright men, and also rather more very stupid men,  at either end of the spectrum.  And of course, it the very bright men who tend to get noticed more. Except by the wives of very stupid men, who get a very raw deal. Not always; it’s a Gaussian thing.

And now Europe.  Led by Lord Lawson, senior politicians are popping out of the woodwork like bears in the spring saying that the UK should leave the EU. There are huge vested interests of course in staying in, and I particularly blame the education system for teaching far too many people far too many European languages.  Learning European languages is generally a pointless thing to do insofar as it goes any further than knowing how to order a beer or a meal in French, and the trouble with it is that these people who have learned this stuff want jobs that make use of their pointless skills, and that in turn means the UK being part of a Union that requires us to talk to foreigners in their own languages.  Even though, of course, they speak perfectly good English, since English is the lingua franca of the modern age.

Anyway, it seems very likely that England will decide by referendum to leave the EU, Scotland will probably stay, except the Shetlands and Orkneys who will probably side with England in order to keep the oil and to spite the people they resent in Edinburgh and Glasgow, and that will be that.  And happily, there is not much prospect of the European Army invading England to keep England under the EU boot (as might be the case if some minor East European state had the temerity to say, “We’re off”), because the European Army is rubbish and anyway the Brits have nuclear weapons.

So that’s that, really.

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    ‘Better out than in’ – I say . Works well in most situations, what ?

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