sud1People sometimes ask what I miss about England living in Australia.  A number of things of course, but there are largely fixable:

  • Proper Marmite.  But I can get people to bring supplies out when they visit.
  • The News Quiz.  But I can get that on the BBC podcast regime.
  • Eccentrics. Somewhat rare here, but there are a few delightful examples.
  • The Times cryptic crossword puzzle.  But they publish that in The Australian, which is the nearest Australia gets to a decent newspaper.

A small indulgence I sometimes allow myself is to do the Sudoku puzzles. Like the crossword, this is essentially a waste of time, but strangely soothing in times of trouble. They print two in The Australian, an easy one and an advanced one.  I usually do them at the same time. Now, here is the bizarre thing: I almost always finish the advanced one before the easy one.

sud2This might mean I have a weird brain.  More likely, I reckon, is that someone – bored out of his her or her mind at some sub-editor’s desk – gets some pleasure out of swopping them around, just for the sheer amusement of a quiet joke.  In other words, one of the eccentrics who are so precious here.


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One response to “Ukodus

  1. Wodja

    I try to be eccentric but when I am I’m asked to stop it!

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