goodtypingMy wonderfully kind mother bought me a portable typewriter whilst I was at university, which is a long time ago. Unwisely (I now know) I did not then learn to touch type, but have been indulging in a sort of pidgin typing ever since.

It seemed a good idea to learn to type properly at long last, and so I have been working away at an internet typing program that was recommended to me by a helpful friend. It is sheer murder.

I am still on lesson 3. It is full of fghj and jhgf  and ;lkj stuff that drives me nuts. I think the problem is that I have got so used to hitting keys with one set of habits that is very hard to unlearn. Maybe it is a sort of allegory for life from here on in; the hard stuff is unlearning things that have become ingrained.

The program is ruthless. You have to make less than 3% errors in each lesson. Otherwise it tells you to go back and do it again. More often, I make about 13% errors, and so I go back and back, and still cannot do it. Maybe, after a while, it will all click into place.  Meanwhile, I have gone off my helpful friend. She did not help by telling me that she did it all in no time, and that she found it easy.



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2 responses to “Typecast

  1. Penelope

    Robert , you are much better off going to a class & having a course of lessons. I think it would be impossible to teach yourself. It’s a bit easier if you can play the piano, but not much. (See you tomorrow) Penelope.

  2. I refuse to have formal lessons! Just too awful!

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