Electric Bristol

bristalcarsAlthough Bristol Cars went into administration a year or so ago, they have been bought by Frazer-Nash, who are planning a new model which will be a hybrid with an electric motor for each wheel, so that there will be no energy loss through the transmission.

In the meantime, I am pleased to see that their website features that best of all Bristols: the 411 3rd series in Caribbean Blue.  I have owned mine for some 30 years, and have kept it because I have never found anything nicer.



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  1. fenwickelliott@yahoo.com

    ‘I have never found anything nicer’ is a true to form RFE dictact from on high that there is obviously no better classic car in existence !! You surely didn’t think your brother as a Bentley fancier would let THAT go unchallenged ???? [ tongue in cheek and no offence of course ] ……On the plus side you seem to have owned that car for a long time without it bleeding you to death – despite an early fairly heavy and expensive ‘ go over ‘ but to have puddled on since albeit without vast expense IS commendable . Having said that one does wonder how many other classic cars you have driven to come up with your typically exclusive and dare I say it self satisfied conviction ! Have your driven Morgans ? XK 140’s ? Fastback Bentley Continentals or pre war Blowers AME favoured ? or Aston Martins ? or pre and post Alvis’s for that matter ? Have you ever driven a Lagonda ? …..James Bond would have come off the road in a Bristol at the speed of which he was able to corner in his Aston – not to mention the Aston’s dazzling looks [ and chrome door handles ] . Stylistically I for one could never live with that disastrously designed 70’s radiator which makes my blood curdle to look at it and clunky wheel trim and clumsy auto gear handle – but for me the killer would be the BMC door pulls straight out of bottom of the range BMC Allegro cars from the 70’s ………… and a British classic with an imported Chrysler engine seems an oxymoron !!!! Even the V8 Daimlers had a wonderful British designed [ Turner ] brilliant V8 engine – and the MGB roadsters with their modest 4 cylinder engine – with inimitable exhaust growl – so British !!!! Hmmmmmm having just sold the S2 I am agonising about what next ….. but a 70’s Bristol would not tick enough boxes despite its affordable long term maintenance . The model BEFORE yours though does have attractive chrome wheel hubs – an acceptable radiator AND no BMC ‘ Allegro ‘ door handles ……….. that confirms my opinion that there is NO classic car after 1969 that stylistically passes muster . The stylistic world went to pots after 1969 in that regard . hmmmmmmmmm a PRE 1970 Bristol – that’s worth a look !!!!!!!

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