Home Alone IX

Robert & The Audreys (8 of 35)It is a while, some years to be honest, since things have been tough for yours truly. But I am necessarily becoming reacquainted with some home truths:

  • A dog really is a man’s best friend. Trite, but all too sadly, often true;
  • A drop more wine of an evening might well help you fall asleep at night.  But it is no use at all in preventing waking up at 3.00 every morning and not then being able to get back to sleep;
  • Old friends who care are a huge help;
  • It is a good time to make new friends;
  • Listen to Bach on the Hi-Fi. Play Bach on the guitar.  Play Bach on the piano.  Sing Bach in the shower.  Keith Jarrett and Arvo Part are good, but the old guy is even better;
  • Remember to shower;
  • Good plan to dig out the old great poems that meant something useful when one was young. I get real solace from the poems that Ezra Pound wrote when he was older, and as nutty as a fruitcake;
  • The loss of someone you have loved might well be well good for creative purposes, but makes it very hard to function properly in a law office;
  • Remember to eat;
  • Being totally lost, you might well fall in love with someone who is drop dead gorgeous.  The odds of her feeling the same way are not high.

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