The Tofu in the Sandwich

IMGP4447My elder daughter from New York is staying with me at the moment, as is my elder son, which is a joy. And one of our pleasures is to cook well, and to sit down together to enjoy food and wine.

Annabel has become a vegan, which is obviously a bit limiting as far as the menu is concerned.  She said, “Don’t worry about cooking for me; I will sort myself out”.  But Charlie and I have tried to work around this by finding things that Annabel will eat that we also think are actually edible.

There are a couple of cracks which we have been able to exploit. First, Annabel will eat “happy eggs”, by which she means eggs from chickens which are genuinely free to roam around.  In most of the world this is impractical, because of foxes. But we live just an hour or so away from Kangaroo Island, where there are no foxes, and so the hens there are constrained by no more than a few friendly dogs to ward off the eagles and the feral cats which might otherwise be a risk. Secondly, Annabel is a pescatarian vegan, and so will eat fish and other seafood.


Rather to my surprise, it turns out that we can eat surprisingly well on this basis.  We have been fine tuning our blue swimmer crab linguine with varying degrees and types of chilli. With tofutti instead of cream, Annabel can do a good mushroom pasta dish. Kedgeree with local whiting and prawns for breakfast. Instead of my usual parmesan bread-sticks, we do ones with Marmite, desiccated onion and smoked paprika. Today, we will be swinging into action with smoked salmon among the stuffed peppers, roast sweet potato, taramasalata etc on the antipasto plate.

I am not planning to stay on this diet when she goes back to New York.  But it is good to have a taste of how other people live, which is not necessarily too badly at all.


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