Home Alone VI

old handleI went out to a concert with my younger daughter last night, and when we got back we found Perdita in the road. The only explanation is that she had jumped up, grabbed the handle in her paw, pulled the handle down, and then pulled the whole door towards her.  She can do something similar with doors inside the house, pushing the door away from her, but it was the first time she had done it like this.  She was not trying to run away; she just wanted to be with her people.  When I got her back in the house, she spend quite a while standing in my lap and licking my face. Which was a nice gesture, I suppose, if a bit intrusive.

Anyway, this was a problem, because she much prefers being in the garden than the house when I am out, but that is simply not safe if she has got the hang of opening the gate and setting off down the road to try and find me whenever she feels in need of company.

Several solutions presented themselves, only to be rejected.  Bolt the gate (but that would prevent people getting in). Put a Perspex guard around the handle (awkward to use and ugly).  Cut the handle short (painful to use and ugly). Re-fix the handle with an offset of  90 degrees (physically impossible and ugly).

new old knobThe answer was to replace the handle with a knob.  Not easy – it involved several trips to the architectural salvage yard and the locksmith, as well as handiwork by yours truly – to find something that would remotely fit, and then adapt it. But at last achieved.

Surely, not even Perdita will be able to turn the knob?



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7 responses to “Home Alone VI

  1. Shona Osborn

    I’m glad you discovered her talents without her coming to any harm. If I’d seen her gallivanting I would have raced out and collected her. She is a clever dog as well as a beautiful one.

  2. Philip FE

    Excellent work … looks good and effective . Do your insurers know however that you have an open invitation via an unlocked door to you back yard or does that not matter . I must say i’d want to lock my back gate if I lived there but having said that we are surrounded by fields and anyone could walk up to the house …………. very clever of Purdey to open and close doors .

  3. It is locked – they way that it works is a bit like a normal front door in a house. From the outside, you need either a key or to ring the doorbell and for someone in the house, who can both hear visitors and see them via a camera, to buzz you in. From the inside however, you can just let yourself out. Then there are security cameras in the garden, the garage, the house etc. And of couse the usual locked doors and buglar alarm stuff in the house itself. Ample security for an area that is very low-crime anyway. Some people keep rotweillers in the garden at night as an additional measure: I keep Perdita at the bottom of the bed.

  4. Roger

    Robert, wouldn’t it be simpler to do away with the gate altogether and install a cattle ramp? No dog will walk over a cattle ramp.

  5. Posta Man Tated

    Blessed Dato Roger! Will it please you to be my Facebook friend if you
    are ugly. I procrastinate i to abase I in front of your shoes, but how
    will a cattle ramp avoid the grockle against approach the palace of Sir

  6. Posta Man, you will not do well acquiring Facebook friends if you continue to insist that they declare themselves ugly. I would like to help you, but there are limits. And my house is not a palace. And the fact that my umpteenth great grandfather was a knight does not, unhappily, make me a knight. I suggest you loosen up a little.

  7. Posta Man Tated

    Loosen love-making up? You existance love-making gongoozler? The queen of my light Mrs Tated is enlightened by her lunar maintenanced, and there is delicate crystal else to make the two-backed beast in locality.

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