The Audreys Near Home

Audreys 13th Jan 2013Just got back from another Audreys concert – this one in a totally packed church just walking in distance from my house in Adelaide. I think it likely that these guys will be international superstars within two shakes of a duck’s arse – they are just brilliant. I was listening to some old songs on my iPod on the way back from the South coast this afternoon – but Taasha Coates is an even better singer than Annie Lennox and Tristan Goodall is an even better guitarist than Al Kooper or Mark Knopfler. In the meantime, it is a fantastic stoke of luck to have them still around, from time to time, in my adoptive town.



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4 responses to “The Audreys Near Home

  1. Ron Kerr

    Al Kooper? Great musician, but even he deferred to guitarists such as the great Michael Bloomfield, another who died too young.

    His book, Backstage Passes and Backstabbing Bastards is an interesting read. I loved the part when, as a producer, he unsuccessfully tried to convince Lynyrd Skynyrd that there could be more than 4 beats to the bar (e.g. 5/4).

    He has played in his own band called the Rekooperators until recently I understand. Nice name.

  2. I am sure why I had particularly picked Al Kooper from among the guitar heroes of the old days, except that I had Desolation Row playing in the car that afternoon on iTunes “Shuffle”. But, come to think of it, the version I had playing was not the original one with Al Kooper playing guitar, but the later take with Charlie McCoy. The point I was making remains.

  3. Posta Mam Tated

    Blessed Kerr in Nepal also we love Desolation love-making Row

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