Home Alone IV

What I hugely miss since my wife left is my wife. But I do not miss the ghastly Thermomix – see http://www.users.on.net/~rjfenwickelliott/diary2010.html#eggson.

The breadmaker that used to live behind the Panzerkampfwagen broke. It had done 10 years service, and that is fair enough: I then happily used the KitchenAid (which had a perfectly good dough hook) to make dough.  But that was Jeanie’s, and has now gone.

DoughThe main trouble with making dough by hand is that the telephone always rings half way through.  But another bonus of Jeanie taking the Panzerkampfwagen is that she was happy to leave the Magimix with me, and it turns out that the Magimix does an OK job of making dough.  You just let it do its stuff, then leave it where it is for an hour or so for the dough to rise.

So I still get to have fresh, home-made bread.



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5 responses to “Home Alone IV

  1. Philip FE

    Is it just me or has your blog descended into trivia ? Perhaps you are discovering that the way to your own heart is through your stomach …. or maybe the intense heat outside is confining you to an air-conditioned cooking frenzy . I was about to share what I had for breakfast but I held myself back as I just know that the day you show any interest in what I [ or anyone else for that matter ] eat is the day hell freezes over …..The notion that by contrast you assume others are interested in what you are eating is …. how shall we say … interesting !!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way – what IS happening out there ? the heatwave is forecast to intensify by the weekend – are the fires anywhere near Adelaide ?
    P.S. Actually Nikki bought me the most delicious hand baked brioche in South Kensington – baked to perfection on the outside with a delciously moist interior – served with home made peach jam etc etc etc . The influx of French fleeing the high tax in France has upped the anti for nosh in South Ken . SEE – you are not remotely interested !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. My dear brother, yes OF COURSE I am interested in your brioche. I am OK with bread, and can run happily to doughnuts and even bagels. But ciabatta is much harder to get right, and I have not tried to make brioche at all yet. Trivial or not, I will give it a go, and let you know how I get on, so that we may compare notes. Perhaps when the weather cools down.
    I am also interested in your “upped the anti for nosh”. Is this what you really mean? Most of us would say “upped the ante” as in the Latin ante,(= before, and in particular the compulsory initial bet in poker) not the Greek anti (= against, or opposed to). But perhaps you think there is a reaction amongst the Sloane Rangers against the French and their cuisine? Another blog here perhaps, making the connection with the reception for the Huguenots and the impact of the Rent Acts in London…

  3. Philip FE

    Phew !!! your brain IS functioning !!!!!! but I meant anti . You see ‘ nosh ‘ is a Jewish term for VERY basic food . The posh French imports have raised to a higher level [ ie upped] the move against [ie anti ] putting up with basic food previously offered there which HAD been started before they arrived …. Tonight we had warm grapes with toasted walnuts fennel and goats cheese on toasted ciabatta . Yum but I still don’t believe you are interested !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S. Eleanor of Aquitaine walked out on TWO husbands – both Kings . That was quite daring and landed her in prison for 15 years before acting as regent in England whilst her son Richard the Lionheart was off abroad …….eventually dying at 80 !!!

  4. Sounds great: fennel is rather underrated, I think. The pleasure of Pastis without the pain. How did you prepare it? Or was it already in the cheese?
    PS Poor old Eleanor, at any rate as represented by that stalwart of the village of Fenwick, MAS, Katherine Hepburn. Whichever way you slice it, the Plantagenets were complete shits.

    • Philip FE

      Another batch just gone into the oven – and no you roll the fennel into the dough ….. [ RECIPE ON MY FB PAGE ] looks better if you find VERY sharp RED cheese – has to be cheddar . We have spent all day [ happily] in the [ SUNNY !!! ] garden – can you believe it the lawn needed mowing – in January !! and now heading for 4 pm – so Smokey Earl Grey [ the Queen’s private brew from Fortnums – { how can you EXIST with Fortnums !! } ] which is Earl Grey with a dash of smokey china – YUM – AND scones needed to quieten the hungry tum .

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