Home Alone II

med_Jan at home 2013 014Jeanie was obviously entitled to half of our pictures and furniture, and she was sensitive to try to avoid taking things that have been in my family for a while.  But that inevitably meant that I have been watching most of the stuff that we bought together over the last 20 years being packed into boxes and wheeled out the door.  By the time they had finished, the house looked desperately sad and empty.  A complete mess.

I had not slept well yesterday; at 4.30 am I gave up on the idea of trying to get any more sleep, and started work on putting the day room and the drawing room back together. For 14 hours, I cleaned, polished, shifted furniture around and generally tried to fix the place up. One modern thing that had not gone was my glass desk, and I thought to myself, “Sod it, I am going to put a desk in the day room, so that at least I well have a nice view, watching the kookaburras and the parrots, whilst I am writing at my computer.” So I did.

Then some friends kindly came around and cheered me up.  I cooked. Vichyssoise with parmesan-flavoured breadsticks. Then a leg of lamb with cumin sauce. Then cheese and grapes, with brandy.

I drank far too much, but at least I then had a good night’s sleep. For the first time in a long time, I woke up with a hangover.  I know this because, when Perdita licked my head in bed (she is remarkably perspicacious), it hurt.

Germanicus Posthumous is on my desk. He is sort of a stand in, really, for Marcus Aurelius.  In times like this, one cannot afford to be too picky; it is any old port on a storm.



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6 responses to “Home Alone II

  1. Annabel

    Very well written. Misery will do that to you. I am really looking forward to drinking brandy with you and charles

  2. Philip FE

    Just don’t allow drink to take over – it will depress you and is evil . All those feelings are exceedingly noble though they may not feel like it . They will go away eventually and after you will feel you have been visited by a depth of feeling which is curiously noble and enlightening . Those who have not been hurt have not lived in a curious way . Hitting the bottle with family and friends might seem a bonding experience but it will weaken you physically and mentally . Concentrate on friends – lots of fine food and no more than a glass or two of wine – and of course your own mind, the strongest resort of all . As far as drink is concerned my advice is the throw out all the hard liquor – brandy whisky etc – for now. Then buy expensive wine – the price of whisky and drink as much very fine wine as you would whisky . By doing so you will not have a hangover and your consumption will be limited .

    • Annabel

      I hardly think that alcohol is ‘evil’ – obviously its not a great idea to get roaring drunk every night but really, I wouldn’t beat yourself up over enjoying brandy or the odd hangover. Although I doubt you actually need advice on the matter from either of us. Tee hee.

  3. Philip FE

    I say evil because booze stalks the unwary . It disguises itself as a sociable disinhibiter and then becomes a prop which can be difficult to give up . Additionally ask any doctor and he/she will tell you booze degrades practically every organ in your body at relatively low levels – it will age you – fatten you – make you belligerent and depressed . If you read my advice to Robert – to substitute hard liquor for expensive wine – it makes sense . Only the British celebrate getting drunk – boast about getting plastered – as though a badge of honour . Witness any boy talk in any office the morning after a drinking session . Very sad . They do it to seek peer approval for a stupid and harmful habit . But you seldom hear Americans or French or other Europeans doing so ……………….

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