Footbal crazy

Because it was Jamie’s birthday treat, I found myself at the Adelaide United football game on Saturday.  They were playing Perth Glory in the Australian A League. Not a really big deal – we are talking “soccer” as they call it here – about 8,000 people in the ground. “Patrons”, they call them here.

Just opposite us were about 5 dozen organised supporters, who chanted chants and banged a drum. All the while. One that went on and on was

AUFC. We’re in love with you.

AUFC. We’d die for you.

Which is not a very distinguished rhyming scheme, and the scansion is pretty awful. But the words! How can young men be “in love” with a football club? And yet more disturbing is the “die for you” bit. I suspect that what they might more readily do is “kill for you”.

The trouble with being able to watch television and see really good teams like Spain or Chelsea play (not that I do very often) is that teams that are not at that level look very ordinary indeed by comparison.

It was a 1-1 draw.





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