Violent Death and Bastille Day

I was horrified to see that Jamie’s school here in Adelaide was celebrating Bastille Day, even to the point of the head of the Junior School wearing a red beret.

It could have been worse.  They could have been celebrating Kristallnacht as the harbinger of the 60 million deaths in World War 2. Or the 16th July, being the anniversary of the murder of the Romanov family in a cellar in Ekaterinburg in 1918, thereby the unleashing of civil war that killed 9 million Russians, not to mention the millions more murdered at the psychopathic whim of the communist hierarchy thereafter.

The storming the Bastille led directly to The Terror, in which perhaps about a million Frenchmen were killed, and then the Napoleonic Wars, in which Napoleon Bonaparte had about 5 million people needlessly killed in order to achieve – by the end – nothing at all save the art works now sitting in the Louvre which his soldiers looted from around Europe and beyond.

It is a total mystery to me why anyone who is not French (they have their own agenda) would want to celebrate any of these appalling events.  Still less why anyone would want to encourage the children to do it all again.


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    Do you think the Head should get the chop for exposing so many young blades to a French lesson …… ??

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