Bizarre Scottish Names

A Serving Suggestion

One of the stronger candidates must be Captain Elliot Elliot Eliott RN (1712 – 1745).

He was a younger son (probably the 6th) of Sir Gibert Eliott, 3rd Baronet of Stobs, and Eleanor Elliot, the daughter of William Elliott of Wells.

His older brothers had more normal names like John and William, but presumably by the time they got to six boys, they had run out of normality. Anyway, his oldest brother took the title of 4thBaronet, and Elliot would have been required to find a livelihood elsewhere (the church, the colonies, or the armed forces were popular options). His youngest brother joined the army and

Sir George Augustus Eliott, the younger brother

ended up as General Sir George Augustus Eliott, 1st Lord Heathfield of Gibraltar.

Captain Elliot died at sea, on the HMS Lively, in 1745.  He was in his early thirties and unmarried.  So there never was an Elliot Elliot Eliott Jnr (not that the Scots called their sons “junior”)

It was not only Captain Elliot’s father who married a wife with a similar name. In 1830, Gilbert Eliott, the 2nd son of Sir William Eliott, 6th Baronet of Stobs, married Isabella Lucy Elliott, who was the son the Reverend Robert Elliott. And in 1712 Major-General Granville Elliott, the son of Major-General John Elliott, had married Charlotte Elliot, the daughter of William “The Laceman” Elliot.

Confused? Just bear in mind that there are/were four baronetcies that can easily get muddled.  The first of each line are:

Sir Gilbert Eliott, 1st Baronet of Stobbs (died 1677)

Sir John Elliott, 1st Baronet of Peebles (1736-1786)

Sir George Elliot, 1st Baronet of Penshaw (1814–1893)

Sir Thomas Henry Elliott, 1st Baronet of Limpsfield (1854-1926)

 My Elliotts came from Somerset (Robert Webber Elliott emigrated to Queensland in the 19th century).  Quite how they fit into this genealogy is something I have not yet worked out.


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