Australia and Rwanda now on UN Security Council

The Labor Party Press Office ABC has been trumpeting Australia’s success in gaining a seat on the UN Security Council.  There had been some criticism of the Australian Government spending millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money on junkets for overseas bigwigs in order to buy facilitate their votes.  Bob Carr reckons the campaign has been worth every penny.

But Rwanda also got elected at the same time.  Presumably without a similar disgorgement of public funds.

I heard the Greens on the radio this morning basking in the notion that this will mean that they can push their 1990s style agenda on climate change on the international stage. Hmm. Probably not much more likely than the notion that Rwanda will be able to push their 1990s style agenda on genocide.

Australia being on the Security Council is no bad thing.  But it is hardly the crown jewels of international standing.


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