St Peters InterCol

Here are some photographs of the St Peters v Prince Alfred InterCol football match for Year 5, the final match of the season.  We are talking football like in soccer here, obviously, not Aussie Rules.

These are all thumbnails: the full size images are available here.   But these are quite big, so might take a while to download.  If you want to see the pictures on screen – but not print them – there are medium sized versions here. These are my copyright, but all St Peters or Prince Alfred staff and Year 5 parents are of course welcome to use them for private purposes.  For the benefit of geeks, these were all taken with a Pentax K-x camera, fitted with a SMC Pentax-M 80-200mm zoom lens set at 1:4.5 and a 2X Kax Teleplus multiplier.

St Peters beat the much-improved Prince Alfred team 1-0.  It means that this St Peters team has been unbeaten over the last two seasons.

A great morning, marred only by St Peters much-hated new “no dogs” ruling, which prevents many of us from enjoying these occasions as a family.



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  1. It has been pointed out that the first several of these appear twice. Hmm. If I had a bit more time, I would work out how to fix this…

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