Dog Log

There are a couple of things that Perdita has not quite got the hang of yet.  One of them is the difference between dog food and people food.

We had some people round for lunch the other day.  It is sort of Antipodean Xmas thing that Jeanie and a gang of her muckers have cooked up.  There was lots of food. I did some sous vide pork, with crackling a la blowtorch.  There was a request from some of the younger ones for chocolate log, so Jeanie made three of those.  She put them in the boot room to stay cool.

Perdita was hankering for some attention. And some food. So we shut her away in the boot room.

A few moments later, we thought, “Hold on! Perdita! Boot room!  Chocolate log!” Lucy rushed over to check.

Too late. Perdita had already eaten two of the three.  Curiously, she showed no signs of any ill effects at all, except that she then spent a while drinking water from the swimming pool.

She showed absolutely no signs of any contrition at all.



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2 responses to “Dog Log

  1. Trubshaw won’t touch human food – he is simply not interested having been denied any of any description since arriving . He gets dog treats ocassionally and nothing but dried kibble which like Willoughby who lived to a trouble free 14 years , he adores – if anyone ever dares try and give Trubby anything remotely human they are in trouble and in danger of never being invited here again !!!!! result : he leaves us alone when we eat and is oblivious to the temptation of any food being left about that might accidentally be accessible ………………. At dinner out not so long ago we witnessed our hosts giving their yappy terrier potato crisps from the sofa – it made me feel physically sick to witness it .

  2. No, well, obviously we have not trained Perdita to eat chocolate logs. Or any other such things. She just can’t help assuming that if she is clever enough to find something edible, up high on a counter, then she deserves it.
    Different dogs are good at different things. Perdita got the house training thing immediately. But she is hopeless at chasing ducks off the swimming pool. Which is something the Cricket was brilliant at. Cricket got occasional treats like trimmings from a steak, but never stole food; he was totally healthy until the day before he died at a ripe old age.

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