Eyre today, gone tomorrow

I will be off the air for a few days; I am heading north tomorrow for Lake Eyre. It is rare thing to see the lake with water in it – it is normally bone dry, albeit that is is 50 feet below sea level. It is where Donald Campbell set the world land speed record at just over 400 mph in 1964. It is a couple of days’ drive from Adelaide.

This being the outback, I am taking a tent, a shovel, some water and some fuel, an English Setter, a gas ring burner, a billy can, an Akubra, serious walking boots, a Kindle, a sleeping bag, a saxophone, my iPod loaded with many podcasts, several torches, a camp chair, binoculars, etc.  The Jeep is surprising full, ready for a start tomorrow morning.




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4 responses to “Eyre today, gone tomorrow

  1. Adrian Palmer

    Have a wonderful time. Remember not to use the Kindle for kindling.

  2. Is there an email I can send photos to?

  3. Louise: Is there an email that you read?

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