The Triumph of Hope over lack of Experience

There is something weird about the gay marriage debate.

Let me say straight away that, by and large, I could not give a monkey’s either way.  If people want to get married, fine, regardless of their sexual orientation. If people with churches say, “Not in our church”, fine.  There are plenty of other places for people to get married.

But it seems to be that the debate is missing the point. It is not really about gay marriage at all. If a gay or lesbian couple get together and want to commit to each other, I doubt if it really matters very much if they call each other husband, wife, civil partner, significant other, boss, she who must be obeyed, her indoors, bitch dog, darling, the old cow, the old man or anything else.

What matters is the DIVORCE. Because, if people are married, then it means that when they split up, the financially weaker partner can wreak havoc on the financially stronger.  Happily I have been divorced just once.  It was by far the worst experience of my life.  In my heart I believe that divorce lawyers should be lightly singed at the stake, and then strapped into a chair at their local MacDonalds for several years, and then have their guts slowly extracted over several weeks and used for exhibits by Damien Hirst, and then have their skin and then flesh eaten away by soldier ants, and then have their skeletal remains propelled into eternity by a North Korean rocket.  I fart in their general direction.

If you are going to have children, then getting married is perfectly sensible.  Otherwise, the wish of gay people to get married looks to be me to borne out of a fair bit of inexperience.



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  1. Forget divorce – think death. If a gay couple beat the odds and are harmoniously happy at the time one or other dies, marriage saves the bacon of the survivor who in many cases would otherwise have to sell the house which he may well have put a lot of effort into maintaining during the lifetime of his lover.

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