In my book 500 Fenwicks, I am proposing to mention that the USA has tried to invade Canada 3 times. Each time – obviously – without success.

I can see that that might be objections to this analysis. In particular:

  • The first time around, it was not the USA, but rather a bunch of assorted crooks, smugglers, rebels, slave owners and others who later  declared independence as the USA
  • The third time around, the USA government gave only tacit approval to the invasion.  It was only after it failed that the USA government disowned it. Sort of Bay of Pigs stuff.

But curiously, my friend Andrew Robertson has raised a different objection: namely that the place we know know as Canada, and which was called Canada at the time, was not actually, legally speaking, Canada until much later.

Andrew may be right on a technical level. So, suggestions please: what should we call Canada as it was between, say, the 1770s and the 1850s?

Please do not say “British North America”.  That expression is entirely inadequate to distinguish between  the land of the Mounties and Maple syrup from the land of the CIA and peanut butter with jelly.



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6 responses to “Canada

  1. According to Wikipedia, the British Royal Proclamation of 1763 renamed Canada (part of New France) as the Province of Quebec.

  2. But the Yanks were not trying to invade merely Quebec, but the whole of Canada…

  3. Mais ils sont trompe, n’est pas?

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