Here Comes the Sunscreen

Well, here is a first.  My daughter Annabel, who edits the iPod/iPhone magazine Citizen New York, asked me to write a piece on the sunscreen, which is a small interest of mine.

I did. She “NewYorkified” it. They published it. And here we are, father and daughter, on the same credits page.  Probably a bit cheesy to be unduly proud of one’s children, but one cannot help it.

The idea of having a magazine that has no print manifestation – but relies on the expectation that all its readers have an iPad or at least an iPhone – is interesting. Personally, I have neither.  My smartphone is an HTC, which runs the Windows operating system, and I am very happy with it.  So I have to borrow Jeanie’s iPad if I want to read Annabel’s stuff. Hey ho.

I like the way that, in Annabel’s mazagine, the fashion shots have just a little bit of movement. There is just a little shimmy, or a pout, as you look at the shot.


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