Pig Not So Ignorant

One of the weirder stories of the week has been that about a lady in the Ukraine who has interrupted the psychic efforts of a pig, which is supposed to predict the results of soccer matches by its choices of bowls of food. The lady in question chose to do this topless. The pig, Funtig, was not to be distracted and correctly predicted that Portugal would beat the Czech Republic.

She is apparently protesting against the current European football competition. It is not clear to me quite why. She is a member of Femen, which is an organisation that has organised quite a few topless protests.

The Femen website identifies its mission as follows:

The mission of the “FEMEN” movement is to create the most favourable conditions for the young women to join up into a social group with the general idea of the mutual support and social responsibility, helping to reveal the talents of each member of the movement.

The particular complaint about the football is that it is supposed to encourage the sex industry. But why should a football competition encourage the sex industry? I would have thought that, on the contrary, football would distract attention away from sex. Towards beer, sure.  And towards badly knitted scarves, potato crisps and a number of other things. But if the supporters were intent on sex on the side, surely they would not wear such silly clothes?

Femen was founded by Anna Hutsol, who is an economist with an interest in theatre. I notice that the Femen website contains details of where financial contributions to their movement should go.  And that somewhere is Anna Hutsol’s own bank account.  I suspect that this Ms Hutsol might have a promising future.


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