Australian Timing

I love Australia, but the government here has a weird sense of timing.

They announced recently that bottles of wine are going to have to carry cigarette-style warnings to expectant mothers not to drink at all whilst pregnant.

Timing-wise, this coincided with reports of really clear research from Denmark that moderate to low drinking during pregnancy is entirely safe.

Typical, and all of a piece with them bringing in a carbon tax to try to prevent global warming when everyone else in the world has noticed that the world stopped warming 10 years ago, and that carbon pricing does not work anyway.

And with them spending billions of dollars of taxpayers money on desalination plants, just before the heavens opened to massive rainfall here.

And with Julia Gillard lecturing the world’s leaders at the G20 summit about how to fix the world economy by “stimulus”, when the rest of the world has now realised that this is a recipe for disaster.

Unsurprisingly, the world’s leaders have told her to piss off. The voters of Australia will have to wait a little while yet before delivering the same message.

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