Am I Ronald?

ImageAt the recent International Society of Construction Law Conference in Melbourne, the Hon Robert Brooking, who used to be a judge on the Supreme Court bench in Victoria and who is now starting to get on a little bit in age (he is still charming and interesting to talk to), introduced me as “Ronald” which is not quite the name.  But it was probably not entirely random, for we were at the time giving away as a prize a copy of my book on the Workers Liens Act.  The only book previously written on topic was The Artificer’s Lien by RD Elliott, who was a Magistrate in Adelaide, back in the 1960s. So maybe Robert had in the back of his mind that I was him, or perhaps a Ronald Jr?

Anyway, I decided to check if we were related.  After all, my grandfather was born in Australia at a time when people had lots of children, and this spelling of Elliott – with two Ls and two Ts – is more usual in Australia than it is in Scotland. It would be a nice bit of symmetry.  So, I did a bit of research.  And the answer was …no. No close relation, at any rate.

  • I am the son of Denis George Elliott, son of James George Elliott, son of Robert Webber Elliott, son of Thomas Elliott of Kingsbury Episcopi, Somerset
  • Ronald Donavan Elliott was the son of Ronald Elliott, who was the son of Luke Lionel Elliott, who was the son of Joseph Elliott of Shoreditch, London.

Never mind. I still have lots of other forebears. As do we all.

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Sunday, 13 May 2012 · 7:52 am

One response to “Am I Ronald?

  1. Sandra

    My name is Sandra and I am the Great Granddaughter of Lawrence Frederick Elliott, Great Great Granddaughter of Frederick Male Elliott, Great Great Great Granddaughter of Robert Webber Elliott and Great Great Great Great Granddaughter of Simeon Elliott. I believe James George Elliott is the brother of Frederick Male Elliott and the sons of Robert Elliott & Mary Anna Male. Frederick was the eldest born in Kingsbury, Somerset, England in 1861 and came to Australia in 1862 on the ship “Conway”. You can contact me on

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