Nice weather in Adelaide

The weather is Adelaide has been perfect recently; not too hot, not too cold, lovely clear skies: brilliant.

But I note that it has been getting somewhat cooler in Adelaide over the last 20 years, not warmer. Here is the data:


It turns out that Adelaide is not alone. The observed warming from around 1990 (the sceptics say that there is really not at lot of it: what there is is largely explained by the siting of more and more weather stations inside the Senior Common Rooms of universities in the Northern Hemisphere, where there is a great deal of hot air generated, not to mention a lot more of everything that their additional funding has bought) but anyway – here’s the point – it seems that there has been as much cooling as warming in Australasia – as demonstrated by rather an interesting graphic from Clive Best’s site:

In other words, lots of red and orange dots in the Northern Hemisphere, (where most of the grant money goes)  but here in Oz, just as many cyan and blue ones, signifying that it is getting colder.

There are those would say that if it could get rather warmer in the UK, and rather cooler in Australia, that would be just dandy. Certainly, not a very obvious reason for Ms Gillard and her cohorts to be taxing us back into the stone age to try to stop it.


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