Losing it

I have been losing weight – about 2 stone now – and dead dull it is too.

It was hard not to be struck by this image: probably pretty unfair, but it rings a certain bell. It is unfair because Nigella might well look just as scrummy if she were a vegetarian, or a vegan.  Although, I have to say that when I go into a health food shop (which is not that often) I am struck by how unwell everyone looks.

My brother sent me a link to a mash-up. Not very respectful, but then again, whoever did this must have watched hours of footage to get the relevant bits, which suggests a certain affection.


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One response to “Losing it

  1. Philip Fenwick Elliott

    Losing 28 pounds is pretty damned good – but it doesn’t help if you regard it as dull – I would say it is essential to concentrate on the positive ….. and get to actually enjoy the process which includes enjoying – perversely – actually being hungry.. identifying hunger with health and your goals etc. I suspect that no matter how much Perdita eats she remains hungry. Labradors are known if allowed to eat themselves to death meaning clearly they never feel full – perhaps a left over from times when the need to eat was important even if … one didn’t need to eat – in the short term at least. I have lost less than you – down from about 210 pounds to about 186 …. and I would like to get to 180 pounds at which point I think I will be about ready to wear some of those suits I had made up to the time I left England when I was about 40 years old …… so yes embrace hunger !! I am hungry now as I type this but with a fresh cup of coffee I am actually enjoying it ….

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