Big bird

Walking the dog on the beach this morning, I saw this bird, which looked too big for a gull. Anybody got any idea what it is?



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3 responses to “Big bird

  1. Lizzie Bassett

    Looks like either a black browed albatross or a yellow nosed albatross. or “mollymawk”.

  2. Geoff Cruickshank

    Pacific Gull.

  3. Kerry Colmer

    Adult pacific gull (mollyhawk) – at least 4 years + old from the look of its plumage and the largest gull found in Australia. Found in Australian coastal waters and they commonly follow ships off south-western Australia. They are very aggressive feeders and will attack and kill other birds up to the size of a mutton bird. They also break open molluscs and crabs etc by dropping them from a height onto rocks, and often use the same preferred rock as an anvil around which you can see scattered remains of old shells from past meals.

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