White House Candidates

There have been a couple of comments on my previous post.

I want to make it clear that I am not suggesting that the leading Republican candidates are any more fit for office than Obama. Merely that it is not a good look for an incumbent President to seek to prop up his legitimacy for office by a forgery.

And anyway, the rule that an US President has to be born in USA is a silly rule.  It was probably brought in to ensure that no UK-influenced anti-slavery candidate should show his face in the early elections, and thereby risk the continuance of slavery in the US in those early days. Australian has no such rule, and has at present a non-Australian born Prime Minister. Views differ: some say she is a dud, and some like her. But in any event, the question of whether she is a dud or not has nothing to do with her being born in Wales.

Then again, David Lloyd George was a dud and a crook: he was born in Wales. Neil Kinnock was a dud (not a crook) and he was born in Wales. Maybe they should amend the US Constitution to say that is OK for a President to be born outside the USA, as long as it was not Wales.

PS: Note to Welshmen; just joking.

PPS: Another note to Welshmen; I do not own a holiday cottage in Wales, so nothing to burn down there.

PPPS: Really, Welshmen, I love you all.

PPPS: Irish, Scottish; you too. Big hug.

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One response to “White House Candidates

  1. ronjkerr

    Those of us of Scottish descent were growing a little concerned. I think I will forgo the hug.

    As for American presidents, if it were not for the born in the USA (make a good, if misunderstood, song title) rule, I would have my dog run for president. She is smarter, tougher, better looking and has more common sense than any president I can think of.

    You know, I think her birth certificate would be easier to fake than Obama’s, so maybe she will run? Trouble is, I would have to llve in the USA and I would never do that. Something about people who are fascinated by guns and religion bothers me.

    I think I must unsubscribe from your blog as it interrupts my work, which was for you until a few minutes ago.

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