New material on Tim Flannery Appreciation page

I have put another piece on my Tim Flannery page.

Not very exiting, you might think, unless you happen to share my sheer unadulterated delight at what Tim says and does, which a dedicated few of think is a total hoot from start to finish. But is this all? But but but?

But, just for fun, I  include below a list of words I have picked up from of the most common Google searches right now. Just to see whether or not lots of people open this post, just to see what I say about these topics, which is, of course, nothing.

1. jetblue pilot
2. mega millions
3. mega millions winning numbers
4. dennis rodman
5. park slope food coop
6. face transplant
7. alicia silverstone
8. lotto numbers
9. solicitor general
10. lottery numbers
11. supreme court justices
12. sugarland
13. geraldo rivera
14. joba chamberlain
15. neighborhood watch
16. supreme court health care
17. 16 and pregnant
18. obamacare
19. total recall
20. zimmerman

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One response to “New material on Tim Flannery Appreciation page

  1. Geoff Cruickshank

    I’m looking forward to Tim’s next television trip down the Darling and Murray- while they’re full.

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