Laughing through our tears

It should be funny. A year or two ago, a barking mad council in New South Wales has stopped home-owners with houses overlooking the beach from doing all building renovations on their homes.  This was because of predictions, back at the height of the “global warming” scare, that sea levels might rise by as much as .9m by 2100. That is 9mm a year.  They did not want people, or any refurbished kitchens, to get wet.

Now, it is well known that sea levels have been rising at about 2mm a year, on average, over the last 100 years or so.  So the prediction is based on a very steep increase in sea levels.

The data over the last 100 years for Australia looks like this:

(I get this data from

Now according to the warmists, the earth has been warming up like billyo recently (it hasn’t, but stay with me) and so the sea levels should be rising fast.  But look at the data since the late 1980s:

No rise at all over the last 10 years!  The models that predicted rapid rise have proved to be wrong. So have the council of Port Macquarie-Hastings started letting people get on with their building works? No, not a bit of it.

What about Doug Lord? He used to be Manager Coastal within the NSW Department of Land and Water Conservation. Far from being a sceptic, he used to share the concerns about risk of sea level rise. But over the last 10 years, he has been measuring the sea level in Sydney Harbour, and found that it has been rising at less than 1 mm per year, i.e. just one ninth of the rate that Port Macquarie-Hastings Council are using to ban people from renovating their houses. The consequence? According to The Telegraph, Mr Lord’s scientific papers have been suppressed and he has lost his job for reporting data that does not fit in with the political agenda.

Which not all that funny for Mr Lord.

Even less funny is that Port Macquarie-Hastings Council are now proposing what they call a “planned retreat” i.e. to force these residents from their homes.  The road in question in 7 metres above the sea the moment.  The tide at Port Macquarie is about a metre. Allow two for a windy day. And suppose that the present sea level rise on less than 1 mm per year more than doubles to its more traditional rate of about 2 mm per year. At this rate, it is going to take 2,500 years or so for the sea to reach the road that these people live on.  The typical design life of a house in Australia these days is about 50 years. And so, but for Council interference, these houses would get built and rebuild around 500 times before the sea reaches them. All this is utterly far-fetched, of course, because there will be an ice age long before then, which will mean a huge drop in sea levels.

The Australian has a story today about the people who actually live on this road. A retired couple who now face the prospect of being forced by the Council to leave their home.  All because of political dogma based on discredited climate-change models.

Which is not at all funny for the pensioners who face being forced from their homes.

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One response to “Laughing through our tears

  1. Geoff Cruickshank

    But think of the jobs created in Coastal Councils all around Australia- people busy organising other people’s lives and protecting them from ‘risk’.
    It’s wonderful that our councils care…..

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