Just got back from Darwin, where I had a court appearance to make.

It seems that there are no natioImagenal newspapers in Darwin in the mornings; The Australian arrives in the afternoon. I was warned that the local paper usually carries a headline (not always very fresh) about a crocodile (getting into a swimming pool or some such), or a snake. On Friday, we got both a crocodile and a snake.  The Northern Territory certainly has a certain distinct flavour to it! But it seems to be changing fast, and growing like topsy.

There is quite a lot a beer drunk in Darwin. There are several bars on the main drag full of a lot of men drinking a lot of beer.

I liked this advert in the paper:

Spending too much time with the wife?

When I did eventually catch up with the Australian, I saw that Bob Carr, the former Premier of New South Wales, has been parachuted from retirement in the job of Foreign Secretary (or foreign minister, as they call the role here, which makes the job sound a bit like that of a missionary). On the news, it looked and sounded like the headmaster had just returned to a classroom of errant teenagers. The noisy squabbling in the Australian Labor Party has instantly ceased. Everyone seems to welcome the news, since he obviously much brighter than the rest of the federal cabinet. Carr himself jokes about his relative age, but personally, I doubt if that will prevent him from displacing Julia Gillard as Prime Minister by the end of the year. Whether such a move will be enough to prevent a landslide victory for the Liberal Party at the next election remains to be seen, but Carr will presumably be the Labor Party’s best prospect in that regard.

Back home, Perdita seemed pleased to see me, which was warming. I took her for a long walk on the beach earlier this morning. After nearly 2 hours, she was still charging around. If she sees another dog – even hundreds of yards away, she charges over for a play. I have bought a dog whistle, which seems to help her find me again.

Now, later in the morning, she seems to have flopped down. I know how she feels.



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3 responses to “Darwin

  1. Jeremy Whitehead

    A senator can not be Prime Minister. They must come from the House of Reps. So Julia is safe from Bob Carr.

  2. If they can find him a seat in the Senate at the drop of a hat, could they not find him a safe seat in the House of Reps? Would it not be easy enough to lure some backbencher into a resignation, and hence a by-election, with the promise of a cushy number, like Ambassador to the US?

  3. Jeremy Whitehead

    Thats a big call. Its a bit too risky, the plan would be too obvious and besides I dont think Bob really wants to work an Electorate. He is too old to go to all those school openings, Australian Day ceremonies etc. He has got the prize he has always wanted.

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