Gore the dog

I do not really believe in miracles.  But if I did, I would reckon that one of the more pleasing modern miracles is that P J O’Rourke is still alive.  He is one of those people who makes life just that bit more worthwhile.

It is all too easy to take Al Gore more seriously than he deserves, just because he and his stupid movie have been a significant factor in causing several countries to squander many billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money for no useful purpose whatsoever.

I picked up one of PJ’s old books the other day, and found myself cheered up by this, among the bit where an author says “thank you” to all the people who have helped with the book:

Particularly, I’d like to thank Vice President Al Gore for being the perfect straw man on such subjects as the environment, ecology, and population. Sorry, Al, for repeatedly calling you a fascist twinkie and intellectual dolt.  It’s nothing personal. I just think you have totalitarian inclinations and the brains of a King Charles Spaniel.


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