Political Errors

I thought that, over Christmas, I might try reading Mein Kampf, Das Kapital and The Little Red Book.

Getting the first two on my Kindle was easy – the third is harder.  Anyway, I started with Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

It is truly awful.  Not so much for its mindless and repetitive hatred of the Jews (after all, you get much the same thing in the Koran) but for its sheer bad quality.  He was quite simply wrong about almost everything that is verifiable – racial issues, history, education, the environment, you name it.  He is like the worst sort of pub bore – endlessly insistent, ill-informed and just plain uninteresting.  He thought, for example, that England would be a really good ally for Germany because England would watch the Germans’ back whilst they were busy invading Russia. He thought that David Lloyd George was the greatest Englishman ever (I should explain to any Americans reading this that DLG was not English at all, but Welsh, and in any event was a slanderous little crook, particularly noted for abuse of his Prime Ministerial power by selling peerages for cash).

Slightly more useful is the narrative of his own life. There is an interesting passage about the hows and whys of the moment he joined the German Labour Party, and how that changed his life.  And it is mildly interesting to see how and why he came to hate bankers and capitalists in much the same way as the the socks-and sandals brigade do today. But overall, about as much fun as a large bowl of brown rice. I am still only 3/4 of the way through it and struggling.

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  1. Michael Dixon

    Robert – thank God you are reading Mein Kampf, as it saves me the bother! MD

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