Name this dog

T S Eliot thought the naming of cats was a sophisticated business.

How much harder to find a name fitting for the new love of one’s life? She arrived last night from Queensland. Not sure that either Phoenix Snowfall or Mrs Shrimpton is right for her after all, having met her.  She got in at 10.30 pm last night, and I when she got home, I played with her and showed her  around for about an hour, thinking that by then – having had a long day including a 2 hour flight – she would be sleepy.  Oh no!  She did not think that bedtime applied to her, and even managed to get the police around to the house at 12.30 am (someone evidently thought we were torturing her).  The police agreed with my view that there are worse things for a dog than having to go to bed on a nice new doggy bed in the boot room come midnight, and shortly after that she settled down.

This morning, after a good night’s sleep, and some Weet-Bix with milk for breakfast, and some more exploring, and then a little nap on my lap, and then a bit more exploring, and some photos, and a nice drop of lunch, she is looking about as content as you could hope for from a puppy who has just been parted from her mum.

In the end, of course, the children will probably decide on her name.


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4 responses to “Name this dog

  1. Ron Kerr

    I have consulted my German Shepherd, and her favourite names for puppies are Psycho, Stinky and Cupcake. If you disagree you will have to take it up with her.

    Once the change of diet hits your pup you will understand the second name.

    Hope you and the family enjoy Christmas and the dog.

    PS – I thought I had been drinking too much when I read this post as I seemed to read everything twice, then realised that it wasn’t me.

  2. Re your PS. Whoops. I have not yet mastered this WordPress thing. I think I have now deleted the duplicate text!

  3. neville quist

    Here are just a few i like
    Moneypenny, Miss Lizzie or simply, Lizzie, also Sandy, Ellie . I also quite like a day in the week Tuesday or Sunday etc I am sure the children will make the decision .The puppy looks adorable cheers Neville

  4. Thank you everybody for all your suggestions, both above and much more by email.
    We ruled out all names which are also the names of our friends and relations. That was quite a lot.
    In the end we (well, Lucy and Jamie really) plumped for Perdita. Or Purdey for short. Which does seem to suit her.
    I hope she does not end up mothering 101 black and white puppies.

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