A Cliche Afoot

It is absolutely staggering that someone should turn up to the UK LibDem Party Conference wearing SOCKS AND SANDALS.

This is like the little lemmings all marching off towards the edge of the cliff with nervous smiles, all holding banners saying, “We are the jumpers”. Kind of cute and sad at the same time.



Filed under Politics

2 responses to “A Cliche Afoot

  1. Geoff Cruickshank

    Don’t know enough about UK politics to make an intelligent comment, so this is just a note to say that I’ve enjoyed your old blog and look forward to the new format. Is ‘quirky’ an insult or a compliment, I wonder?

  2. Mike F

    I’m staggered that someone would turn up to ANY occasion wearing socks and sandals; did they have a knotted handkerchief on their head as well ?

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