The American Civil War Round 1

I have been working on the bit of my book 500 Fenwicks that deals with what the Americans call the War of Independence, but it seems to me that it was not really a war of independence so much as a civil war between the slavers and the French on one side and the more compassionate and law abiding people  on the other.

I wonder if this might upset some Americans? I recall some time ago mentioning in New York that America was once a fairly significant recepient of convicts (not on the scale of Australia, but not de minimis either).  I was met with total denial. Interesting.  It is as though that chapter of history had been just written out of the books.


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  1. It is true that Britain sent convicts to the US, as a way of emptying their overflowing prisons. It had Benjamin Franklin in an uproar.
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